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Internet based conversations i.e., buisnesses, relationships, manly for sales and advertising buisnesses.
Yes you can find jobs, movies, music, social sites, gaming, everything a person could want to keep the buisy for hrs upon hrs in a day/week/mnth/yr. Some people are so into networking they invoke key stokes as thier only way of life.
Guy: Go on the internet to find what you need.
Girl: What I need is more personal oriented than so inpersional on a pc. i.e. Networking
Guy: You can find anything you want here. Even Love. haha
Girl: Retrospectivly yes music, old movies, friends I haven't chatted with in years from moving away from home, vacations, history and news facts. Hopefuly investors in book ideas, management Co., ect.,

Guy: Well if you don't like to network so much why are you on so much now?
Girl: Because this is the only connection I have with someone important to me. i.e. Love
Guy: Your doing this because of a guy? Isn't that stalking dear?
Girl: Doesn't that mean that everyone who networks is stalking something? Just food for thought cutie. Especialy hackers with high priced and powerd computers. They spend thier lives online. I wounder how many personal relationships are realy built that way.
Guy: look it up you are on the internet duh!
by Wolfdg*8*mysoUl December 03, 2009
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