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An amazing woman with striking features and beautiful hair. Shes the kind of girl your buddies like, but also the type of girl you want to show off. She has an amazing appetite, but has a hot body. She is always adventerous in bed, and she is the type of girl that once you meet her, you can't get her off your mind. Sexy! She is a great friend to everyone, and never judges. Intelligence and sarchastic humor are her strong points.She is not a afraid for a challenge and is very brave!
Joseleen's Are Have Strong Personalities, Caring, Lovable, Athletic, Beautiful But Are Very Protective.

Beware that Although She Seems To Be A Very Amazing Girl, She'll kick Your ass in No Time.
"Dude That's Joseleen, She'll Kick You Ass If You Say Something Bad Bout Her."

"Look That Must Be Joseleen, She's So Muscular, And Gorgeous I Mean Look At That Bangin Body."
by WolfGonn23 October 15, 2011

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