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2 definitions by WolfAngelJB

Brett is the kind of guy any girl deserves. He's sweet,charming,caring....
BUT...he is veryyy picky with his interest in girls. He will not choose someone who isn't popular. He can charm any girl,but then he chooses the popular girls who wear makeup and are skinny. Everyone deserves a Brett,but only populars will get one.
Popular girl: ha! I got a Brett
Unpopular girl: Lucky! >;(
Popular girl: hahaha
by WolfAngelJB December 30, 2012
16 9
A sweet, kind, caring guy with a lot of charm. He may seem perfect, but he will leave you crying with your heart in the dirt. He will be all nice to you and then come out and tell you that he likes someone else. He'll make you feel like you're not good enough.
I <3 my boyfriend!
Who is he?

So you're the other girl.
by WolfAngelJB February 24, 2013
10 16