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AKA Old Man Strength. Usually in Wyoming or some similar place, old men sit around in bars and drink. Young bucks come into town stirring up shit, and for some reason, it is often some old guy who just pounds the shit out of the young guy, much to the amazement of onlookers. Old men seem to possess a certain toughness or hardening process enabling them to give better than they get. Also, and most dangerously, the strongest ones are often quiet and reserved, just waiting to pound the crap out of some yahoo... Other circumstances can be in a construction work crew, the old guy will towards the end of the day when things slack off, just start working like a MoFo, and put the young bucks to shame. Hence, being Old Man Strong.
Drunken Friend #1 (to the bar)- "Who fucking wants some of this, huh? You?" <points to old man sitting by himself, minding his own business>
<Old man stands up>
Drunken Friend #2 (to DF#1)- "Let's get the fuck out of here, that guy looks Old Man Strong"
by Woknblues October 16, 2007
Usually a rocker chick / Biker chick style woman over 30 who spent too much time in the sun, drinking Budweiser. Very similar to "Van Halen Face". Her skin looks all thick, and leathery, lizard like. Marlboro Reds are always near by, as well. This is a chronic condition, taking years of abuse to achieve.
Hey dude, check out the hot ass in those black jeans over ther-... wait, she has a Leatherface, never mind.
by Woknblues October 16, 2007
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