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2 definitions by Wojtek

short form for Chick Repellant.
My friend Jon is major Chick repellant, so we have given him the lovely acronym of "CR." His drunken antics and borederline sexual assault on the dancefloor is sure to repel any female within site.
by Wojtek May 17, 2006
A once quirky, unusually designed car that was once different from the crowd. The company is now 100% GM owned and so its models are a rag tag bunch Opels, Subarus (well the 9-2X will be a "saab" design soon since they no longer own Subaru) etc. The SAAB 9-7X is a rebadged GM envoy and they even put the ignition in between the seats to convince dummies it was a Saab. lolz . Hahaha. SELLOUTS.
Dick: "My father loaned me his SAAB 9-7x to drive to the golfing range, and it drives so nicely since its a European design."

John: "but your truck is really a GM , gas guzzling waste of space and fuel...."

(laughter all around)

Dick: "but .... but... "

John: "why don't you girls get in my BMW and I'll show you some performance? ;o)"

Exit John with 2 supermodels.

Dick pulls a raisor blade from his cardigan, and slowly raises it to his wrists...
by Wojtek May 17, 2006