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Wobbuffet is a blue blobby psychic amorphous Poke'mon owned by Rocket-Dan member Musashi; who acquired it accidentally after bumping into a kid who owned it; she picked the wrong pokeball and he took hers. (why the hell don't they put names on their pokeballs).
Wobbuffet are strong but not very talented, only can learn Counter, Mirror coat, destiny bond, and safeguard. They evolve from Wynaut at level 15.
"Wobbuffet, counter attack!"
Wobuffet: "Wooooooobuffettt!"
by Wobbuffet Breeder June 22, 2003
Wynaut are baby versions of Wobbuffet, it's a little blue blobby creature that evolves at level 15 into a Wobbuffet.
by Wobbuffet Breeder June 22, 2003
Crown can also refer to the incredibly well built motorcoach from LA,Ca. USA. In California they are popular, easily recognised by their twinkie shape. Unfortunantly they are slowly being turned into history with the controversial emissions rules in the state and they are destroying the safest schoolbus on the road.

To be a 'crown driver' in California is like the elite of the school bus drivers.
"Are you a Crown driver dude?"
by Wobbuffet Breeder June 22, 2003
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