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The first parking space in a row of spaces, or the parking space nearest the store entrance.
As you pull into the usually packed Wal*Mart parking lot an empty spot in the front row catches your eye, so you pull the E-brake like the Transporter and slide in like the Milf Hunter, after which you say, "Oh Shoot! Front Row Seats!"
by Wizzle Baby October 06, 2009
Bitchass police, usually from small towns, that have nothing better to do but harass young males.
I had a run in with the decepticops the other day. They saw me driving a Lincoln Continental, so they figured I was dealing drugs and preparing for a drive by. I tried to explain that I was merely taking my grandmother home from the grocery store before I was scheduled to volunteer with the Special Olympics. The decepticop pulled his gun and called for backup.
by Wizzle Baby October 07, 2009
Time to leave, roll, or bounce.
When college classes blow, check your imaginary watch and let your friends know that it's Bounce o'clock, then dip out real smooth and head to Chick-fil-A.
by Wizzle Baby October 05, 2009
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