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3 definitions by Wizlevard

To puke, hurl, or chunder, especially after excessive intake of alcohol, curry, chocolate cake or all three.
After lamb vindaloo, 9 lagers, and a fat slice of mud pie I bowked rich brown vomit long into the night
by Wizlevard September 02, 2003
25 7
Descriptive of that kind of Monday mid-morning mood when nothing seems to be coming out right and you're getting all up tight about it.
Oh flip, I forgot to put the new cover sheets on my GPS reports. I'm all twisty.
by Wizlevard September 02, 2003
9 23
Er...that would be me.
Q: Are you Wizlevard, then?
A: Yup.
by Wizlevard September 02, 2003
1 40