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4 definitions by Wizards Sleave

Medical = smegma.The white pungent substance that gathers on the bell end or purple headed mountain. Not to be confused with the female equivilent Clamenbert
If i had known tony had brought some Helmetdale with him id have brought a bottle of Chardanay and made a night of it.
by Wizards Sleave April 22, 2006
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hemeroids. Rhyming Slang for arse grapes Ceramic Tiles = Piles
Jesus , ive been sat on that cold floor all day and me ceramics are fucking killing me
by Wizards Sleave April 22, 2006
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The anus muscle that has been polished very well after being dropped in the mud.
Don had been so drunk the night before he hadnt been able to do the paper work correctly. When he bent over to pick up the morning paper , Wendy got a right eye full of the rusty sheiffs badge
by Wizards Sleave April 22, 2006
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A particulary savage vagina , usually with teeth and a smell that would strip paint. Not to be fingered at all costs.
She had been dancing all night and was wearing at least two pairs of pants over her tights , by the time it came to stroke the donkeys nose i decided id better feed it with a flat hand.
by Wizards Sleave April 22, 2006
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