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The art of covering someone's face with a healthy batch of Man-goo.
Last night I was getting a great blowjob from your mom. Since she's not into throat babies, I pulled out just before I came, shot my load on her face and she was frosted like a cake.
#frost #cake #blowjob #suck #cum #face #semen #goo #sperm
by Wizard Sleeves February 14, 2009
As two gay guys engage in the art of butt sex, the receiver sprays diarrhea out his chocolate cavern whilst plugged with a man missile. He then turns around and feeds on his partner's poo-covered cockleschnitzel and surrounding loins, culminating in a dollop of semen cream.
Juan and Jason decided to spice up their yearly trip to The George by ending their marathon butt spelunking session with a healthy dose of Maricon Carne. Some new sheets would be a good idea as well.
#gay #buttsex #diarrhea #poo #anal sex #faggot
by Wizard Sleeves August 18, 2011
Wang. Dick. Rod. Peter. Dong. Schlong. Mansword. Staff of Holy Righteousness. Etc...
Inga always looked forward to dining on Gunter's cockleschnitzel.
#wang #dick #penis #rod #dork #schlong
by Wizard Sleeves August 18, 2011
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