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4 definitions by Witty1

Person confused with his/her sexuality.. Actually engages in sexually activity with males and females but is doesn't have a particular preference..
Dude: Yo President, peep this. Remember that fluffy dime at our office that I've been checking out?
Other Dude: right?
Dude: I'm finally getting some play!!! She wants me to hook up with her and her girlfriend tonight!!!

Other Dude:LOLOL!!!
Dude:I finally found a girl that is cool!!! I'm not letting this one get away...
Other Dude: LOLOL, Dude!! I cant believe you don't know that she's Bi-wildered!!
by Witty1 February 24, 2011
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Jamaican definition of a really fat woman..
Shotta: Yow Rasta, I hear u a tour wid a nice mamphy last night!!!

Rasta: Zeeeeeeen!!! I man have a new queen pon de ends..

Shotta: Pram Pram!!!
by Witty1 January 07, 2011
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combines to be irked with co-worker, the people you work with who really annoy you
That coirker is at it again using the bathroom stall as her personal phone booth.
by witty1 December 18, 2012
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Process used by Women to bitterly complain and denigrate men when they do not get their way..
Bob: Lets go to the Grog Shop Tonight Honey?
Sheryl: I want to go to the Club.
Bob: Aww. Cmon, I like the Grog Shop, We can to the Club Tomorrow Night.
Sheryl: Ok.
(In Car on the way to the Grog Shop)
Sheryl: The food at the grog shop sucks!
Bob: Huh?
Sheryl:And that Idiot Ken is going to be there jabbering away.
Sheryl: Its a dingy place with loud people..
Bob: Dammit!! I should have known you would start to Womoan..
by Witty1 February 04, 2011
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