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13 definitions by Witness10mm

n. In FPS combat gaming, the act of arming and holding a grenade or other timed explosive device and running into an often bewildered group of enemy combatants at spawn or seeking cover.
ET Player A: bwhahaha! 1 grenade, 6 corpses!
ET Player B: loozer Palestinian group-hugger in depot yard spawn
ET Player A: pwn joo!
by Witness10mm July 11, 2005
60 56
Depositing in a toilet a fudgy dreadnought that leaves an arty spiral mark inside after flushing.
After my morning double latte, I spent the next 20 minutes reading The Onion while striping the bowl.
by Witness10mm October 04, 2005
2 1
College major adopted by prospective engineers dauted by courses in circuits, physical chemistry, thermodynamics, statics, fluid and soil mechanics, genetics, C++, talking to girls, and sobriety. The type that registers for that Stochastic Models class because he thinks it involves naked Croatian shutter fodder.

Nuclear engineering student: Yo Witness, word has it you dropped the bomb on civil engineering.
Mechanical engineering student: Yeah, you fumbling toward the Interesting and Easy?
Civil engineering student: Imaginary Engineering?
Biomedical engineering student: Inside Edition?
Industrial engineering student: My cat's breath smells like cat food.
by Witness10mm October 06, 2005
36 42
adj.: big tough gay
That mean-lookin' bloke over there with the leather and the beard? Iron as Tinkie-Winkie.
by Witness10mm July 13, 2005
10 40
A drinking game played with 2 dice. Drinks are doled out to those throwing low dice, with the exception of those throwing a 2/1, also called, for unknown reasons, a "Mexican." Other throws in the game have names as well, for instance, a 5/2 is a "Betty Ford" and a 1/1 is "tits".
Not content with a round of Quarters, the sausage party moved on to Mexican until the Blatz ran out.
by Witness10mm January 09, 2006
306 399
A socially-OK 4-year college just north of Chicago, IL, USA. Student body is composed of fair-to-poor athletes, dateless engineers-in-training, and those who are, for some reason, studying Radio, Television, and Film. Its women's lacrosse team is well known for its footwear. Not to put too fine a point on it: Charlotte Rae and David Schwimmer went there.
You'll laugh!
You'll cry!
You'll kiss $64K (in 1985 dollars) goodbye!
Go U! NU!
by Witness10mm July 22, 2005
121 244