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Sun Worshipping Atheism is for people who do not believe in gods, but believe that the demands of nature are like a higher power that must be answered to avoid disease and unhappiness and also to be morally responsible. These basic, evolved demands of nature include:
1) Getting sunlight
2) Getting fresh air
3) Getting 8 hours of sleep
4) Eating and drinking when you need to
5) Exercising
6) Resting mentally and physically
7) Working/challenging yourself
8) Being social
9) Respecting individual integrity
10) Using your mind skeptically and prudently
When I started getting depressed and stressed out, my friend suggested I try practicing Sun Worshipping Atheism.

My girlfriend says Sun Worshipping Atheism has made me way nicer to be around.
by WithSun December 28, 2011

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