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2 definitions by WithSparkle!

Fans, Friends and Co-workers of the Glam Rocker Adam Lambert. including but not limited to, Adam's employees, associates, musicians, fans, fans of Adam's musicians, ect.
the Glam Family is so huge, it includes Adam's fans, Tommy Ratliff's fans, Monte Pittman's fans, Issac Carpenter's fans, this list can go on and on and on....
by WithSparkle! August 20, 2011
A "Glambert" (a dedicated fan of glam rocker Adam Lambert) who is also a dedicated fan of musician (bassist and guitarist) TommyJoe Ratliff. this term includes all of Tommy's fans that have defined themselves in the past under other names including but not limited to Glitterbabies, Creepers, Badgers, Glizerbabies ect.
(please note this term was originally coined by @TJRfansunite)
Tommy has so many fans under so many names, but basically we are all Glamberts who became dedicated fans of Tommy, we can all be encompassed by one term Tommyberts!
by WithSparkle! August 20, 2011