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Someone who displays obvious traits of douchefuckery and has an appearance similar to that of a dinosaur, a douchefuckersaurus.
He keeps saying things do get attention, his back is hunched over, and his arms are eight inches long, he's a douchefuckersaurus.
by Witbomb October 09, 2011
Someone (commonly a heterosexual male or homosexual female) who is extraordinarily gifted in the art of obtaining cunt...females...snatching if you will.
Cuntsnatcher; Cuntsnatching; Cuntsnatch; Cuntsnatched - Billy was a dope when he was younger...but since he spent all that time in Europe he's turned into quite the little cuntsnatcher.

Damn ma, Kelly sure did get cuntsnatched by them boys.
by Witbomb October 09, 2011
A vagina that is more than the normal vagina.
(man speaking) Damn bro, that shit was a cooterpooter I tell ya.
by Witbomb October 09, 2011
Someone who throws beans at things and thus creates a dinging sound upon impact - a beandinger.
He bingdinged his way to the top that little lima, what a little beandinger.
by Witbomb October 09, 2011
Muffslurp - Muffslurping - Muffslurper - Someone who slurps up that muff.
(girl talking) I won't date a man less he done had his muffslurping practice. Damnit.
by Witbomb October 09, 2011

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