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A person who has read Stephenie Meyer's Twilight Saga and the Twilight movie, and completely obsesses over it.

*You try to control your thoughts because Edward might hear them.
*You refuse to believe that Edward Cullen does not exist.

*People stare at you funny because you and your friends are locked into a heated argument of vampire vs. werewolves.
*You cried through most of New Moon.
*Your dream car is a silver 2005 Volvo S60R or a yellow 911 Turbo Porsche
*You long to visit Forks, Washington
*You get excited anytime someone unexpectedly mentions anything about vampires.
*You talk about Edward and Twilight so much, that your friends read it just to shut you up
*You have come to hate the sun
*You start to see silver Volvos everywhere (I SWEAR I SAW ONE DRIVE BY)
*Every time you're in a grocery store, you have the urge to pick up and hold an apple
*You start cursing at Halloween shop windows when you see stereotypical vampire teeth and costumes.

Don't make fun of me and all of my Twitarded friends or I'll give you a paper cut right in front of Jasper...or I'll La Push you off a cliff...or, even better...I'll provoke the Volturra and blame it on you!

I am a Twitard!
by Wish I was Bella Swan December 18, 2008
Literary perfection.
Twilight is fricken' literary perfection!!
by Wish I was Bella Swan December 18, 2008

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