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When a school lunch table buddy buys a basket of fries. Every guy (or gal) within reach of said buddy gets one (1) fry, if and only if they say "Fry tax".

If buddy complains about said taxation, whomever he protested to receives one (1) more fry. Continue taxing until buddy stops complaining.


I) If a girl buys fries, leave her alone, she's a girl.

II) If it's Friday, or you're just feeling like a jerk, you may state, "Raised taxes!" and may take two or three fries. Anymore than this is just rude.
*Mark sits at table with fresh basket of warm, golden school lunch fries*
Mike & Alex: "Fry tax!"
-Mike & Alex reach and take a fry.
Mark: "What!? NO! Stop!"
Mike & Alex: "Complaint tax!"
-Mike & Alex reach and take another fry.
Mark: "Fine fine fine..."
by Wiser December 17, 2006

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