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1. Arjun Singh (the madarchod behind 50% reservations for OBC)

2. Literally means, 'sisterfucker' but is generally used to abuse someone badly.*

3. An expression to show disgust or contempt.#
*Behenchod, why did you tease my girl?
#Behenchod, I won't pass this calculus test.
#sisterfucker #bhenchod #bahanchod #bahinchod #bancho
by Wise Boy July 24, 2006
1. (Ind., colloq.) a fool {from def. 2}
2. (Bihari, slang) a male goat or a bakra
Raju is a bokka. We will dupe him and make out in his room.

Bokka kaheen ka!
#bokka #boka #boku #bokoo #gadha #moorkh
by Wise Boy July 24, 2006
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