55 definitions by Wise Man

Section of a pub/restaurant where drinks both alcoholic and soft can be purchased
I'm thirsty, i'm off to the bar
by Wise Man July 17, 2003
The female genitalia, fanny, flange, grindle, hairy axe wound, clout, muff, minge, beef curtains, cock wash etc etc
Her skirt was so short, i could see her mooie
by Wise Man July 15, 2003
A tasty chocolate biscuit snack from the UK
P-p-p-pick up a penguin
by Wise Man September 17, 2003
A 'super slo mo' effect, used best in the Matrix films, bullets can be seen travelling through the air, the filming itself is done by filming at 150fps.
'I've seen people empty entire clips at an agent and hit nothing but thin air'

by Wise Man November 13, 2003
To deliver a large amount of excrement in one piece.
I was on the bog this morning and i hatched a monster loaf, i swear it was coming out sideways!!
by Wise Man July 11, 2003
Don't know cos i've never been able to receive it.
My Mate: Whats on 5?
Me: Don't know, and never will.
by Wise Man October 07, 2003
Aww my guts are killin me, i think i've gotta take a Ja Rule
by Wise Man November 20, 2003
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