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(noun) is a Hewbrew name meaning 'Salvation'. Isaiah lived approximately 2700 years ago and was a prophet in the 8th century before Christ. He was a man who cared for his people. He was a sensitive man to his peoples' common problem's and used his gift of speech to protect his loved ones. He saw the beauty of God or a Higher Power in everyone came into contact with and loved each one as his own. As a Holy Prophet he had the gift of peering into the future and foretelling events not known to man at that particular moment in time.

An Isaiah today is an identical reflection of the Isaiah, prophet of Kingdom of Judah. He is a man of strong will, might, a Son of God and within his being contains the power of love, unity and healing energy. His hands have been carefully crafted to channel the energy that is overflowing in is heart centre and with this energy is a powerful ability to heal the body, mind and spirit. A healer through his words of wisdom and his eyes hold a power to lay a soul bare, reading its each and every content. His external beauty is one of a kind, only he having the looks of Divinity. His internal beauty is the type of beauty found in heaven. An innocence so deeply rooted within his soul. A love so strong and powerful, yet gentle. He is irresistibly charming, extremely passionate about everything in life and use his intuition to make sense of life.
He is in tune with the Prophet, or Hierophant within and from his youth will use this to assist people better their lives. A gentleman who believes in giving even at the cost of his own well-being and care for people to a great degree.He enjoys experiencing new things and learning from practical application as well as from theory. His inner most desire to restore peace and maintain a balanced harmony in all aspects of his life.An Isaiah is bound to be a passionate and loyal life partner, a fabulous father and a tremendous family man who will lay the foundation for them with love, strength, beauty, harmony, tranquility and peace as the pillars. Isaiah expresses himself through written words, music creativity, paintings and excel at physical sports. They are great romantics and their lovers are always showered with words of love and wisdom and they are always shown affection through a tender touch, a smooth stroke and sweet embrace. An Isaiah is a born saviour, a born leader, a born healer and a born lover.

Isaiah the divinity that is you beautifully haunts me every second of the day and the moments that lapse without your company, i fail to resist collapse. With every beat of my heart, you heal me.
by Wisdomsayer June 16, 2010

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