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1 definition by WisdomChick12

A Nathan is normally a sweet, cute, huggable boy with amazing dark eyes that always seem bright. His hugs are to die for and he can be extremely sickminded at times. He usually loves attention from the opposite sex, so he will compliment any random girl he sees on the street with a smile, a wave or actual spoken words. His smile shows his gums more than it shows his teeth but its adorable. spmetimes he may forget "boundries' but he makes up for it by being sweet, cute and funny. Nothing can describe how much his girlfriend loves him.
Example 1-
Girl 1: OMG i love my Nathan so much!
Girl 2: hes so cute!

Nathan: -giggles-
Fred: Just because I said balls doesnt mean you need to laugh!
by WisdomChick12 June 24, 2011