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"Gixxer" is the easier way of pronouncing GSX-R. It's one of the baddest line of sport bikes around. Gixxers are too often bought by people who have little or no motorcycle-riding experience. Many people have gotten hurt or killed because they can't handle a bike of this magnitude. Only 1% (if not less) of those who ride Gixxers can actually use them to their full potential.
That guy with the Gixxer 1000 thought he was fast, until he brought his bike to a race track and had his ass handed to him by EX500s.
by Wisdom! March 05, 2004
The only reason why women bother to watch MotoGP.
Nicky Hayden leaves MotoGP and the ratings fall 40%.
by Wisdom! January 15, 2007
1) 2006 MotoGP World Champion.

2) The only reason why women bother to watch MotoGP.
1) Nicky Hayden owned Valentino Rossi.

2) Nicky Hayden leaves MotoGP and the ratings fall 40%.
by Wisdom! January 23, 2007
Flushing Qur'ans down the toilet since 1906.
Jihad against all Pace University infidels!
Allahu Akbar!

-Osama Bin Laden
by Wisdom! October 17, 2007
A sort of club for bored college students for the most part. You live in a house with other members of your fraternity and go to their parties which consist of underage drinking and other rebellious behavior. Pretty much anyone can join these. There are a few which are more specialized/focused on special interest however. You usually need a certain GPA, college major, religious/political belief, etc, to even be considered for these, and these are the ones that make the connections and produce very powerful people. Some of these fraternities are often associated with conspiracy theories due to their secrecy and character of their members.
Most recent figures show that about five percent of college students in the United States are part of a fraternity/sorority.
by Wisdom! November 21, 2007
Ivy League school located in New York City.

Loves: Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, illegal aliens, communism

Hates: Minutemen, ROTC, US military personnel
Columbia University's student body is really out of touch with the rest of the country.
by Wisdom! October 19, 2007

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