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2 definitions by WisconsinGurls

Someone who has very colossal, hot, pigeon-toed feet and who plays with weighted basketballs. When this person has free time, the spend it by humping whales because humpback whales hump back.
Look at that Donavator over there! I hope that whale is okay.
by WisconsinGurls October 07, 2011
A disease brought to the world by the Simms family. It causes an irresistible urge to watch television, cravings for ham sandwiches, sleeping and missing many days of school or work.
Friend: Hey, wanna hang out tonight, Cooper?

Cooper: No, I would rather stay home and watch Ghost Adventures.

Friend(thinking): Damn, Cooper must have Simms Disease.
by WisconsinGurls October 08, 2011