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W-L is loacted in Arlington, Virginia and is home to the Generals! We fucking hate Yorktowners (Porktowners- white meat)because they are a bunch of preppy white fags and sluts. Our other rival is Wakefield which we call Fakefield! They are in south arlington and swear they are all hard ass gangstas!!! Then you have WL the neutral school zone where we are diverse and everyone gets along. We also have the worst football team ever but its cool because we have the best fans!!! We are also the home to all the Military kids from Ft. Myer! So dont mess with us!!!!!
Washington-Lee Generals Dominate Northern Virginia
by Wisco March 17, 2005
Deshler is located in south cental Nebraska, near the boarder of Kansas. Deshler is as flat as a pancake and is home of massive tornadoes. Deshler is also the home of the Deshler Dragons B-ball team, one of the best b-ball teams in the State!
Why you gota be wastin' my flava!?!?!?!?
by Wisco April 28, 2005
Regis is located off Federal blvd. in Denver, Colorado. If anyone knows about Federal blvd. is that it's the home of damn mexicains!!! They are all over the place. Walking off campus at night is asking to be shot in the K-mart parking lot! There's nothing good about Regis... it's a small fucking university with so much damn drama. Go Badgers!!! "WE GO TO REGIS!" is my favorite quote to live by!
Why do you wana transfer? "WE GO TO REGIS!"
by Wisco March 17, 2005

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