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Australian brand of Speedo clone swimwear.

Mainly constructed of nylon, Aussiebums are synonymous with the Australian surf patrol movement and, by extension, with the gay scene. Distinguishable from regular Speedos through heavy use of brand name on the rear.

The website is notably homoerotic.
"Sweetie, those Aussiebums leave NOTHING to the imagination."
by wintermute March 08, 2004
A term of respect.
"Youre a sikunt"
by wintermute November 06, 2003
In African folklore, a mischievous and lascivious hairy dwarf.

Reputed to delight in causing pain and mischief, the tokoloshe is thwarted by ladders and unable to climb. Hence the use of raised sleeping platform to protect sleepers.

Tokoloshe is sometimes used as a pejorative term for a small man of African origin and furtive character.
"Have you seen the new security guard? Such a tokoloshe!"
by wintermute March 08, 2004
LAN Events in London, Counter Strike, Battlefield 1942, UT2003 and Age of Mythology and other games.
I had a great time at the Lanarchy Lan Event the other day.
by Wintermute September 26, 2003
To belittle your own abilities, then prove yourself right about them.
Well, Lou really Lou Holtzed on the Gamecocks in the postseason last year.
by wintermute November 06, 2003
A build of a Windows XP system from a ghost image.
The image is out of date and lacks recent software installations.
Ordinary things that worked only the day before suddently do not work due to lacking software and configuration.
I did a plumb build of my car - it doesn't work now.
by Wintermute April 25, 2005
1. n. Internet whore who spends 12+ hours a day posting about her life. Commonly seen causing drama in many and varied threads, and generally pissing people off. See also: fuckwad, fucktard, drama queen, bitch, noob, newbie
Another worthless drama thread? It must have been started by SCHI_VIOLET!
by Wintermute October 19, 2004

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