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l33t-version of the word porn.
|-|3'/ dud3, 1 ju5t d/l\'3d 50m3 5VV33t Pr0|\| m4|\|!
by Winter March 06, 2005
A combination of ghetto and emo.
Wow, that chick is really ghemo.
by Winter July 27, 2004
A Word used in Any Situation with no Meaning a substitute for nigga if your white and dont want to be shot
Yo Brawgly Waitup

Shut the Brawg Up
by WiNTeR July 17, 2004
Originally referring to the famous serial killer: "Jack the Ripper"

the term "ripper" is an insult used when referring to pedophiles, child molesters, kiddie diddlers, perverts, sadists, rapists, incestors, murderers, woman beaters, drug pushers, or anyone else of that nature.
John Wayne Gacy was the biggest ripper.
by winter July 20, 2004
(1) Stuff that falls from the back end of a donkey.

(2) Something to replace the word shit.

(Also see poop)
(1) Eewww... I stepped in a pile of donkey poop.

(2) Oh Donkey Poop.
by Winter March 08, 2005

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