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The practice whereby an insecure individual will copy and paste a recently sent text message to their partner, via their Facebook page.

The practice of Shamming can often reap mixed results. Regularly, jobless folk, with no real world knowledge of the Shammer, will like this post. They may even comment with phrases such as 'aww, how sweet' and 'what are you upto today Hun.' These comments should be ignored as they originate from agoraphobic single mum's who yearn to converse with someone else regarding current topics on the Jeremy Kyle show.

Less commonly, a response to a Sham post will be one with negative undertones, written solely to shrink the Shammer's over-inflated ego. Comments to look out for are 'Vom' and 'Gay.' these will often be made by individuals whom actually know the Shammer. Although these may seem offensive, they are used primarily to remind the Shammer that friends would understand if personal conversations were undertaken upon a mobile phone with unlimited text messages.
I just looked on Facebook and noticed that girl has been Shamming again. It made me realise how privileged I am to retain her friendship on Facebook as I'm now fully aware she loves her boyfriend. I also know that she will be sharing a bag of maltesers with him this evening whilst watching Coronation Street in bed. Without her Shamming I would truly be lost
by Wintayyy March 26, 2012

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