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The white styrofoam "peanuts" or "macaroni" that are packed around fragile objects during shipping. Invariably winds up all over the place and must be picked up weightless bit by weightless bit. From the color, shape and gossamer weight, a material that might be shit by angels.
Hey, Billy-Bob, get those worthless assholes on the loading dock to clean up all this angel shit before it buries the whole fucking shipping department.
by Winston Smith March 19, 2005
To defeat one's opponent in a convincing manner, particularly in a contest of speed.
Yo, check billy-bob trying to race me in his Saturn. Shit, I could wax that p.o.s. hooptie in second gear!
by Winston Smith March 19, 2005
A lesbian, meaning one who enjoys licking or mouthing another female's pubic area (hence, "carpet").
God, Bridget is hot. But it turns out she's just a carpet munching lesbian. No fuck for me!
by Winston Smith March 09, 2005
Loud generation of non sequiturs punctuated by self touching
I couldn't follow that normish presentation -- is that guy a baseball player or a product manager?
by Winston Smith September 12, 2003
1) wrongheaded confidence;
2) a sense of style that is neither stylish nor sensible;
3) eternally pugilistic despite having lost all previous fights
The lead guitarist played the solo with such passionate mulletude that we had to leave the bar with our hands covering our ears.
by Winston Smith September 12, 2003

See bullshit
Do they really expect us to believe this puppyshit?
by Winston Smith January 14, 2004
1. To turn cables, lines, wires, etc. into an impenetrable knotted mess by incompetent handling or accident.

Originally nautical in origin, from the rat's nest appearance of poorly handled lines and tackle.

2. Any device, system or operation that has been hopelessly ruined, usual by sabotage or misuse.

Also ratfuck.
1. Hey, what dipshit rat fucked this halyard?! I might as well throw the whole fucking mess to the fish.

2. Man, Billy-Bob sure rat fucked our plans to set up a meth lab in his trailer when the dipshit told Andy Taylor about it.
by Winston Smith March 19, 2005

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