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The shortened version of a "gangster-fetus." An infant who is considered "gangster" the very moment he/she comes out of the womb.
Jon, the father, gave birth to Janna from his getus.
by Winnie The Muthafuckin Pooh July 10, 2011
shurg--an uncontrollable spasm of the shoulders; a seizure-like shrug;

Distinctly resembles Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm Flailing Tube Man on crack, twitching sporadically and muttering nonsense.

Or...another analogy would be Helen Keller having a heart attack inside an insane asylum...
Jon consumed a can of Monster, Red Bull, 5-hour energy, and cocaine all in one sitting. He started to shurg, convulsing wildly on the floor.
by Winnie The Muthafuckin Pooh July 16, 2011

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