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6 definitions by Winkin kitten

this is a phrase used by a girl/boy that you really like who doesn't want to hurt your feelings but does anyway by saying 'yeah i like a friend'.
1."i like you as a friend"
2."i love you like all of my friends"
by Winkin kitten May 30, 2004
20 2
Ghetto/ shanty town surrounding hampton.
when driving into Hanworth u can see the relative decline on house prices just by lookin at them
by winkin kitten June 12, 2004
9 4
variation of jesus juice, god juice or passion of christ but instead of chardonnay or champaigne Sambuca is used
"my god thats not jesus juice!"
"no its Supreme being."
by Winkin kitten June 06, 2004
5 3
a variation of Passion of christ instead of chardonnay ad champaigne.
it's mingle time break out the mixed alcoholic beverages!
by Winkin kitten June 06, 2004
3 7
A drink made by Ceramic Joe aptly named Jesus Juice by mixing white wine and red (basically a strong rose) then was evolved by the Winking kitten who added chardonnay after watching harry hill. other variations include God Juice and Supreme being
My, thats a large bottle of chardonnay
by Winkin kitten June 06, 2004
6 10
A word that leahciM (who goes to esher college thouight existed but does not
Theres something stuck up my bupkiss!
by Winkin kitten May 30, 2004
3 99