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A here is somewhat real sounding definition:

A mean/hurtful/offensive/racist/sexist/etec comment that is online. Many people world wide from all ages, from all genders, from all ages. Thousands from all places commit suicide over cyber bullying. Many others are emotionally hurt or demaged forever.

It can also be in the form of editing a photo of a person to make them look ugly, discriminated, or anything along those lines. Then posting in on a large website, like google.

It can be illegal in some states in America.

It is basically bullying that is done online or an electronic device.

Something that you can never get rid of, due to all the websites keeping a history on everything. When you apply for membership you sign a large paper stating that they can keep a record of all of this.

People who cyber bully are also called trolls
Example a: Why the hell would such a whore want to put a picture of herself on facebook! Like people actually want to see her more than they do! She should be the monster in a movie! I pity anyone who likes this picture of her.

Example b: Lets just all unfriend her on facebook, so her friend list will match the one in real life!

Example c: Lol this pic of him makes him look like such a tool!

All of these examples of cyber bullying
by Wink *_^ February 04, 2012

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