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the code that shows how to be a good Wingman.

An good Wingman only takes one girl to save the rest for his partner/partners.
A good Wingman will help out his partner any time he needs.
A Wingman will always follow the sacred code BRO'S BEFORE HOES.
If said partner needs to dip the Wingman must follow rule above.
Never ever goes for seconds unless absolutely sure it will not come back to haunt him, partner has the right to deck his partner if he knows he doesnt have a chance of getting out alive.
And finally RULE #6
its always nice to have a booty call if things go for the worst.

guy1 "bro your lucky im following the Wingman code of honor and only taking one."
guy 2"no shit your not takin 2."
guy 1 "your dude i am going to say all this good shit about you better remember this."
guy 2" when we get home ill see how we can hook u up with."

guy 1 "wtf man why the hell did u ditch us to chill with Amy BRO'S BEFORE HOES dude not cool."
guy 2 "sorry idk wut came over me."
guy 1 "dude we need to dip bad i just royally fucked up."
guy 2 "alright man wtf are we waiting for."
guy 1 "man i m going back in there."
guy 2 *punchs guy 1 in the face for such a stupid thought cause he just tapped his boss*"the fuck you are."

guy 1"dude it shit isnt going right with april."
guy 2"dont u still have ur booty call ashley hit that up."
guy 1"oh shit thats right ill call her now thanks bro."
guy 2"thats why im here."
by Wingman 47 October 26, 2010
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