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Despite large amounts of flack from being called over achievers and essentially NERDS. Monta Vista is not so bad.

the Pros
-I made many longterm friends
-I am 6 feet tall so I could find any of my friends in a crowd because I was at least a foot taller than everyone.
-Many students I knew managed minimal attendance and still passed High School.
-a haxor crashed the MV website for weeks on end.
-Finally the Administration was so Naive/Chill that they hardly noticed all the drug/alcohol activity.

-Besides the few Moderate students, everyone was either a Gradewhore or a Wanabe Gangster.
-Social tensions that were associated with race: race conformity, white power, wannabe gang wars (no one was hurt cause everyone was a wimp).
-A congregation of 40+ people at our local 711 to dispute inter-school rivalries.
All work and no play made kids at Monta Vista dull.
by Wine Man June 04, 2007

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