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Less severe way of saying "What the fuck" or "What the hell". Used to express confusion, shock, or frustration. Also used on the Internet in it's acronym form "WTB".
Ex. "Can you believe that Steve and Ashley hung out last night?" "What the balls? No way dude!"

or "What the balls is that?!"

or "What the balls is taking you so long?"
by Wimsyy February 12, 2011
Acronym for the popular phrase "What the balls". Used to show shock, disbeleif, confusion, and frustration over the Internet or text, in place of "WTF", "WTH", or "OMG".
*Facebook convo* Alex: "lol yeah I didn't expect that to happen."
Erin: "I know I was like WTB!"

or *commenting on your friends new profile picture* "wtb dude! How come I wasn't invited to this??"
by Wimsyy February 12, 2011

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