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One of the most talented men to step foot in a wrestling ring. His charisma, energy and will to compete was unmatched by any superstar living today or in the past. He was a unique individual in the world of Professional Wrestling and will be missed by fans and wrestlers world-wide. A Good man both on and off the stage/mat, he is one of the good men you strive to be.
R.I.P Eddie Guerrero 1967 - 2005
Viva La Raza
by Wilse November 15, 2005
The word said to break the silence after an unfunny (lame) joke has been told, usually to place embarrassment on the person who attempted the joke. Sometimes yelled to increase embarrassment.
Person 1: "That's what your mum said last night..."
*Everyone Silent*
Person 2: "CRICKETS!"
by Wilse June 18, 2007
Abuse that is spineless, immature and invalid. Usually performed through Myspace Messages or other personal internet sites. Performed by people who would usually also hang their head and walk away from you in real life.
Friend: This guy just sent me a huge message saying how much he hates me!
Me: Relax, it's myspace abuse, it is in no way valid.
*We both laugh at the person next time we see them*
by Wilse October 28, 2007

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