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1 definition by WilmetteLuv

Wilmette is part of the Northshore community and a suburb of Chicago. Contrary to belief, Wilmette is neither poor and would not be defined as the "Wilmetto" nor is it a snobby upper-class community with spoiled kids. It is a mostly upper-middle class community that is family oriented. It was ranked as the seventh best place to raise children in the U.S., according to Business Week. There are five elementary schools that are all great places for little children. The middle schools are Marie Murphy and Highcrest. The students who attend Highcrest move to the Wilmette Junior High. It has won the Blue Ribbon award multiple times. It also has a great athletic program. After WJHS and Marie Murphy the students attend New Trier along with other students from the North shore. It is one of the top three high schools in Illinois. The school is known for its large spending per student, academic excellence, and its athletic programs, and its art programs. New Trier spends more than $15,000 yearly per student, well above the state average of $8,786. The school was called "quite possibly the best public school in America" by "Town & Country." It was named Grammy Signature School Gold. The park district offers many activities like sports teams, art classes, summer camps, a gym, and theater. People visit "Edens Plaza." Some other great places are the "Gilson Beach”, Centennial which has a great pool, ice rinks, and tennis courts, and a downtown which includes family owned shops.
Person 1: Hey! After camp wanna go to the beach and then downtown Wilmette?
Person 2: Sure, lets stop and get smoothies at Panera
Person 1: How about we go to lunch at Depot Nuevo?
Person: Okay, be sure to bring ur swimsuit to the beach, I'll bring a volleyball!
by WilmetteLuv April 03, 2011