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4 definitions by Wilma

see Jiten.
Jiten is a chimpanzee.
by Wilma September 12, 2003
when a guy rests his head on a girl's shoulder, in a real gay kind of way.
Tyrone rested his head on Bunifa's shoulder, she looked at him and thought, "what a fagot."
by wilma August 12, 2004
An ape, usually inhabiting forests in central West Africa. Feeds exclusively on bananas. Responsible for running a number of bus companies as part of his species' ownership of the world's transport networks. Service is, however, regrettably poor.
Without Jiten and his bananas, the public transport in London would be much more efficient.
Jiten is a chimpanzee.
by Wilma September 14, 2003
1. The name of a man
2. Can also be used to describe a melof with a small chub who acts like a tard but has beer muscles.
1. You stupid fonso.
2. Thats one dumbass fonso.
by Wilma October 25, 2004