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Rice burner? Jap crap? I think not! After 28 years of being a Ford man, my blood boiled as I hopped in a 1987 MA70 stock standard Supra. Sure, Toyota has made their fair share of terrible cars - so has every other car company. Hop in a stock standard car from any company and it's usually horrible compared to your weekend drive. Hop in that companies version of a supercar / muscle car/ sports car & you will usually be impressed. Each to their own though, no car is the same which is why there will NEVER be a winner. Chose your weapon, mine is a Supra & that's the way I like it. Don't hate me for it, just appreciate the fact that there are cars out there willing to "challenge" you on the road. Without it, you would all be driving the same cars with the same features and stock engines. Boring!
1987 MA70 stock standard Supra. Plant your foot and feel the vibrations from the in-line 6cyl. From the front it looks like a bloody wedge tail eagle!
by Willz1981 December 09, 2009

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