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What one gay man says to another gay man when preparing to fight someone.
Gay #1: Maggie said it looks like a bus ran over your face this morning.

Gay #2: That bitch! Hold my purse.
by Willyummm August 06, 2010
Experiencing intense physical pleasure after meeting a Movie, TV or Rock star.
Will: Dude, why is John screaming and writhing on the floor?

Renz: He just met Justin Beiber at Bed, Bath and Beyond. He's having a stargasm.
by Willyummm July 22, 2010
A small piece of luggage one packs with just enough items to spend the night with someone.
Dude: Hey, wanna come back to my place?

Ho: Sure, handsome. I just need to stop at my place to pack a ho-vernight bag.
by Willyummm August 14, 2010
What one gay man says to another gay man when observing something that makes him want to vomit.
Gay #1: Girl, did you see those shoes on Maggie?

Gay #2: Yuck! Hold my hair.
by Willyummm July 30, 2010
Expressing intense hostility towards the smell, taste and sight of broccoli.
Renzo: Dude, this is the best broccoli I've ever eaten!

Will: I'll rip off your head off and piss in your neckhole if you don't throw that shit away.

Renzo: Dude, such broccostility!
by Willyummm July 20, 2010

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