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A reference to the vulva/vagina. Nappy refers to the pubic hair because it is curly. Dugout is a type of canoe and refers to the shape of the labia. There are other references to the vulva as being a type of boat, for example: "Little man in the rowboat" = clitoris
When she bent over to take off her panties, I got a nice look at her nappy dugout.
#pussy #snatch #cooter #knappy dugout #cunt
by WillyB December 27, 2005
The natural oils, aroma, residues found on a scrotum which are especially abundant under the penis and where the scrotum touches the inner thighs.
I never touch the doorknobs in a men's public bathroom because they're loaded with disgusting nut musk.
#musk #odor #oil #smegma #funk
by WillyB January 10, 2006
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