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You know when you don't put on any deoderant for about a week or two, yea it's another word for that smell.
I was taking a test in History class, when out of nowhere this stench came across my nose. I smelled all around me to see who it was. Damn those musty Indian Kids in front of me!!
by Willy Wonka's Midget January 22, 2006
A girl that holds off on the sex.
My girlfriend is such a damn b-squared , she won't try anything! That's alright. Her friends CR will!!
by Willy Wonka's Midget January 16, 2006
a woman's delicate entry area!(aka: poon)
Dude, I tried to have sex with this girl last nite, but, damn, she had a nasty twat!
by Willy Wonka's Midget January 06, 2006
It's when a guy is sitting down and has shorts on and has his legs spread open and his balls happen to be showing. All you say to him is "BumbleBee Tuna"!
Dude,bumblebee tuna! You're balls are showing!
by Willy Wonka's Midget January 06, 2006

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