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Sack cheese scraper: A small hand held devise that is used by lover's of fine sack cheeses to gently scrape the fine creamy cheese off of the cheesemakers warm sack.

See also: sack cheese
The waiter brought us fine cheeses from around the world from which we chose a fine Canadian sackcheese. The waiter skillfully used the sack cheese scraper to slide off the creamy goodness from the Canadian's sack.
by Willy B. Jackenoff January 24, 2004
The filmy layer of film that builds up underneath a man's sweaty ball sack. In French: fromage du sac

See also: Sack cheese scraper
At Beth's house warming she served one of the finest, creamiest most aromatic sack cheeses I've ever had!
by Willy B. Jackenoff January 24, 2004

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