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2 definitions by Willy (310-663-6624)

A word derived from a mixing of crappy, anus, and lube.
"Hey my ass is on fire!"
"Don't worry. Just put it out with some cranal lube."
by Willy (310-663-6624) April 18, 2006
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A rap band that raps primarily in Mongolian. This band is derived from Mongolia and is little known to the rest of the world. In Mongolia they are huge and have done over 3 USD in albums. The amazing thing is that Monglia only makes a total anual national income of 1.50 USD. Its members are Ti-Ha, Chinka, Chata, and UHOOUHGH.
"D00d! did you hear the new band from Mongolia! They're called the Crows (Rap)!"
by Willy (310-663-6624) April 18, 2006
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