35 definitions by Willy

a black man's Toyota
Ya nigga Tommy got a phat-ass Yoda wagon with hammers & a rag top.
by Willy October 08, 2003
Nickname for a pimp in action
Man them hoes just got crp'd by John
by Willy September 17, 2003
Father, dad
"Happy Father's Day, brack"
by willy July 03, 2003
people who usually do a lot of girls and have lots of one night stands.
when popular rapers say that they are pimps
by willy April 27, 2004
Old ass country bumpkin ass black women be callin they chidrens & they kin chidrens "honeychild".
Come over here & finish yo wawddamelon honeychile.
by Willy October 08, 2003
Believed by non-rednecks to be an interjection. Believed to have originated in 1934 in a small town in Alabama called Mahsister(the name of the town comes from the founder who named it after the one who he liked having intercourse with most). In Mahsister, Alabama, in the summer of '34, a cat had climbed up a tree at one of the local drunken shindigs. The owner of the cat, standing beneath the tree, pointed at the cat while exclaiming "get her down!" The local hicks interpreted this as a celebratory interjection such as right on or yee haw. The locals began shouting the conflation of the phrase; "git'rdone" to rejoice and take part in a shared excitement.
Redneck: Hey Cletus an' Buford...Git'rdone!
Cletus and Buford: GITRDONE!!
by Willy August 22, 2004
A gish is someone who has sex with his foot
" I admit it...I am a gish"
by Willy February 11, 2005

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