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The Ju-Tang Clan is the greatest Jewish rap group ever conceived/executed. The size of their circumsized penises is incomprehensible to the human mind, and comely shiksas cannot help but to fall to their feet in worship/supplication. Their music is the stuff with which empires are built and wars are waged. More information is available at www.jutangclan.com
"and back to the nazi rape
watch the fuhrer oscillate
oh, i just can't relate
it's time to calculate
when you should turn and taste
all my ejaculate
show me that pretty face
it's time to masturbate
might find your shiksa's late
that means a pregnancy!
you're a recessive trait
bind this upon your house and gates
so shall you consecrate yourself
to your lord god
tekiya g'dola dada"
by Willy August 13, 2004
noun - 1. A dumb, naive person who has no luck with women. 2. An online gamer who frequently lags. 3. An incompetent network manager.
That oog can't do anything right.
by willy December 30, 2003
When you arrive at work the following morning after a night of heavy partying...hair a mess, shirt and pants wrinkled, eyes glassy...basically visually hungover
"Man you are lumpin this morning. How late did you stay at the bar last night?
by Willy June 25, 2003
Word that emily the sex lord made up
which hannah stole
then i stole again
your a fucking poonard
you poonard
i love poonards
by Willy March 29, 2005
Another word describing you house or your car.
I will be glad when I get a new can.
by Willy May 25, 2003
This word originates from a forum spammer and total lamer; Hawk. Unable to think of a word to describe Hawk I decided that we should describe him with his own word this being hawkness. Hawkness is definitely a derogatory word meaning one is showing signs of hawk. For exanple being a spammer on a forum, or wanting to join a clan when too young or not qualified you would be showing signs of hawkness.
This guy is showing signs of hawkness, shall we ban him.
by Willy November 01, 2004
A suprisingly cute dog that uses its big round eyes put you in a trance while it humps the living daylight out of your leg.
Hey pug! Wow...your...eyes..........GROSS! GET OFF ME!
by willy January 04, 2005

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