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n. an Emo philosopher. a person who listens to crappy music and then goes off on wild tangents. Gets emotional over music. See Emo.
That kid is such a ronathin.
by Willy April 19, 2005
i'll say that the moves were cool in the movie...but the story was shit..
bikerboyz are the coolest boyz in biking...but not in acting...
by Willy August 12, 2003
Member of the coogee wakeboarding radsquad.
This is another radboarder production
by Willy March 29, 2004
the best
by Willy October 14, 2003
Shes a sxc beast !!!

AnD eVeRy 1 LuVz HeR lOtZ mWa MwA
WeLL lOtZ of PpL wAnT 2 dO hEr !!!
by WiLLy September 11, 2003
when someone's breath is kickin
you smell like a fucking analtooth
by willy July 10, 2003
A Fairly large, Animal usually found in North America & Canada. Also Another name for police.
There Are A lot of badgers in Canada; Those damn Badgers are everywhere.
by Willy May 25, 2003

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