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When a man has sex with a rather large and unattractive woman who appears to have scales on her body due to stretch marks.
Christian: Hey Dave I heard you were slaying the dragon last night.

Dave: Well you gotta slay a couple of dragons before you get to the princess.
by Willup B January 31, 2011
A man who has honed the art of making women cum.
Seth: I would be psyched if some girl complemented me on my dick giving abilities.
Evan: Well go ask Will. He's the Iron Chef Of Pounding Vag I'm sure he could give you a couple hints on how to plow a slam piece.
by Willup B January 31, 2011
Stretch marks found on women caused by massive weight gain.
Jughead: Damn after Archie chose Veronica, Betty really let herself go. She's even got scales now.
Crowd Of Unnamed Characters: OH MY GOD!
by Willup B January 31, 2011

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