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2 definitions by WillowNightWolf

An animal close to humans who is werewolf by some terms born with its gift of becoming wolf at around childhood when it pleases so living in packs of familys and hiding from man some wolves lack the changing ability but have the pentigram mark on their palms and are killed like any other creature not just by silver but with much more difficulty.
I wanted to find my own kind the Lupe Garu.
by WillowNightWolf May 04, 2006
Actualy you are all rong! Lycanthrope generaly means shapeshifter its only used to describe a werewolf or lupe garu because they are the most prominent of shapeshifter kind
I was sourounded by many lycanthropes cats, wolves, and even a badger.
by WillowNightWolf May 04, 2006