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Huge guys or girls with helmets and flashy shirts hitting a flat circular object with a stick while they chase it around a frozen basketball arena. With team names named after terrorists (ex. hitler) , animals, fruit, veggies and elements.

Point of game: proceed towards goal (Look for over dressed guy standing in front of metal pillars with a fish net in the middle) with flat black object in front of you whilst you near the goal lift up stick and with flat bottom hit the flat black object straight ahead or else flat object will not succeed in getting inside the net. Make sure you have your skates on (Shoes with very sharp metal bottoms that glide on ice because back then when they worse only boots allot of stupid people were injured)
Guy: do you play hockey?
Girl: do I look like a person who hits stuff with a stick!
by Willow's reporter November 05, 2011

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