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A D.C metropolitan area term used to describe wetbacks latinos or people (from central or south america) that dress out of fashion, acts really uncivilized with respect to the american customs and traditions. They tend to like ranchera or boleros musics; dress in baggy unbranded clothes (such as paco) or dress as mexican vaqueros; and vulgarly attempt to flirt with a girl. Finally, they tend to be in clustered cities and linger in groups of the same. Also they act "ghetto" in public.

Chancheros tries to act like the americans of the United States youth, even if they are older.
Hey James, look at thoes chancheros running from the INS.

Those chancheros in Langley Park dress so ugly and always play those loud music when they get drunk.

You look like a chanchero with those paco jeans.

He chills with chancheros and is getting influenced by their chancherism!

That chanchero is trying to be american.
by Willie of LP March 21, 2005

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